Monday, 22 July 2013


Organizational Information

«  Information is everywhere in an organization.
«  Employees must be able to obtain and analyze the many different levels, 
      formats, and granularities of organizational information to make decisions.
«  Successfully collecting, compiling, sorting, and analyzing information can
      provide tremendous insight into how an organization is performing.
«  Information granularity –refers to the extent of detail within the
       information (fine and detailed or coarse and abstract)

«  Levels, formats, and granularities of organizational information

« Transactional Information

Analytical Information

The Value of Timely Information

«  Timeliness is an aspect of information that depends on the situation
§  Real-time information : Immediate, up-to-date information
§  Real-time system : Provides real-time information in response to
                                          query requests

The Value of Quality Information

«  Business decisions are only as good as the quality of the information
      used to make the decisions.
«  You never want to find yourself using technology to help you make a bad
      decision faster.

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